Tyre damage can be caused by over inflation or under inflation, driving too fast, tracking problems or driving on poor road surfaces. Whether you have a puncture or your tread is running low, you will need to have your tyre replaced immediately. Punctures are difficult to ignore, unlike driving on a tyre that has little tread. However, low tread could be fatal, particularly in winter when roads are slippy and icy.

Getting Your Tyre Fitted at Christmas

There are numerous bank holidays surrounding the Christmas period, and you may feel that you’re too busy to get a tyre replacement. However, it’s possible to have tyre-fitters come to your location to fix your issue regardless of the time of day! Even if you need a tyre fixing on Christmas Day, you can call 24 hour tyre fitters at Fastrack Tyres. Fastrack Tyres specialise in replacing tyres on hatchbacks, saloons, 4 x 4s, prestige cars and light commercial vehicles. They will come to your location in London, North London, Surrey or Hertfordshire to fit your tyre 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year! Find out more about Fastrack Tyres on their website – https://www.24hrmobiletyrefitting.co.uk/