Sadly, the bad weather we have seen ravaging Surrey, and much of the rest of the UK, over the last couple of months doesn’t seem to be subsiding, in fact it’s probably only going to get worse. Therefore keeping your tyres in ship shape is perhaps even more important than ever. At Fastrack Tyres we use a simple, but effective, means to decide whether a tyres tread is too short involving a humble 20p. All you need to do is insert a 20p coin into the main grooves of a tyre. If the outer band of the 20p coin is visible when inserted into the groove, then the tread is probably too low and should be inspected immediately by a qualified tyre professional.

However getting to a qualified tyre professional can often prove difficult, even dangerous, which is where Fastrack Tyres comes in. We specialise in 24 hour mobile tyre fitting for cars, prestige & performance, 4×4′s and light commercial vehicles, covering all of London and up to a 50 mile radius outside including most of Hertfordshire. So, contact us now on 020 8965 0688 if your tyres aren’t quite up to the 20p test and we will be happy to help